Main Bulkhead Rot and its Repair

The main bulkhead with the chainplate removed. You can see the extra holes in the bulkhead from where the chainplate was moved or relaced in the past. This setup didn’t provide much of an attachemnt structure to keep the mast up. More Water Damage! After I replaced 3 of 5 chainplate knees, we figured we […]

Aeration Boards for Sediment Tests

Designing new “Air Boards” The lab needed a new system for aerating their tests.  They have many small sample beakers that need a consistent and even flow of air to them.  The old system they used required lots of connections and adjustments, and took up a lot of counter space in the testing area.  Using […]

Light Tables

Designing a Light Table for the Lab I was asked to come up with a new light table to be used in an aquatic toxicity lab.  The design needed to be: Portable.  The lab is short on space, so the new tables should be small enough to sit on a workspace, and could get moved […]

Rewiring the Boat

Figuring out what was what This boat seems typical of most old small sailboats.  Electrical needs were simpler back in the 1970’s, and systems weren’t built for expansion and extra gadgets like they are in some modern boats.  On our boat, the switch panel was small, and the cabinet behind it was also very small.  […]

Rotten, Delaminated Chainplate Knees and Their Related Structure

  When we first looked at Affinity, our Sailstar 26, the owner had warned us that the chainplates were leaking.   I also noticed that, while looking at the side of the hull, there were indentations where each of the chainplates were attached to the hull.  I was looking for a bit of a project boat, and […]