The Darkness of the Outer Cape

“…On the beaches of Rhode Island and Connecticut, there’s always some ambient light from the neighboring towns and cities. On the Outer Cape–that narrow spit of land jutting out into the Atlantic–there’s not much development. In the low light, eyesight takes a back seat to the other senses.”

It’s getting late…

“The short nights of summer pass by quickly, and It’s hard to tell when morning is about to come.”

Herring Cove Beach

“…People with boats can go wherever they want, using their electronics to help them find the fish, but the shore fisherman has to make a best guess and hope it’s right.”

Night Fishing on the Coast

“It feels out of scale–standing on (or on a rock maybe 100 feet from) the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and casting out a matter of yards. Sometimes it seems ridiculous to think that I can catch anything from a water body so vast. Is there even one fish in the area to see the lure I’m casting out? At least in a small lake you know that the fish are there, it’s just a matter of whether they are biting or not. Out here, there may not be a fish within a mile of my lure, and I would be none the wiser.”