Designing new “Air Boards”

The lab needed a new system for aerating their tests.  They have many small sample beakers that need a consistent and even flow of air to them.  The old system they used required lots of connections and adjustments, and took up a lot of counter space in the testing area.  Using their size requirements, I designed and built new boards.

The new boards in use at the lab.
Smaller sized boards were also built for different types of testing.

New boards constructed using the lab’s old design

Here’s my design using the same plastic valves as the old boards.  These worked OK, but it seems like the larger manifold design explained above is a significant improvement.  It’s sturdier, doesn’t rely on glue or tape to hold the valves to the board, and offers more consistent flow and better adjustability.  I have since retrofitted a few of these boards with the manifold and metal valve design.

Here’s a picture of the old design that was used in the lab.
My “plastic-valved” version prior to use at the lab.

Like the Design?

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