How Online Retail is Fighting Big-Box Sprawl

“…compare it to the newspaper industry. They lost subscribers (and advertising dollars as a result), then cut staff and shrank their papers until they offered such a poor product that even more people cancelled their subscriptions.”

Time Wasters

“Time is the only thing that we have that we can’t make more of; we can’t get it back after we’ve lost it. Yet people choose things like new cars or career changes that guarantee less free time. Why is this?”

A friendlier way to protect the environment…

“People on both sides of the issues need to understand that environmental preservation and improvement is not a zero-sum game. Compromise and cooperation can help earn trust from both sides, making future problems and use conflicts much easier to solve.”

Rebuilding Hartford on a Budget

“Connecticut needs an actual identity, not just a catchy slogan. I’d love to travel to other states and hear people talk about how our state is a hub of innovation and a great place to start a business or spread some ideas. We have all the tools, infrastructure, and money here to put these programs in place to jump start our economy at the grass-roots level.”

Do you think we’re too focused on being specialized?

“…If your resume and portfolio fit the needs of the recruiter, you have the job. Gone are the days of “we think he’s got the right stuff,” or “his personality and willingness to learn will make up for the lack of experience.””