What really makes a good school “good”?

$100 Blog Post

“Most people want their kid to attend a good school. A lot of parents are willing to pay a premium for this. People who care about education tend to be well-educated themselves, or grew up with parents who cared about education. This education leads to a higher average income, which gives parents a choice to live in more expensive, more desirable towns…”

Why is There an Average Increase in Commute Times?


“…When employers started using the internet to advertise positions, it automatically increased the geographic area of potential candidates.  Now, a job searcher could look for jobs in a wider area than just flipping through their local paper to see what’s available.”

Changing the way employers search for candidates

“…The current system encourages quantity over quality- applicants can send out as many applications as they have time for, thus adding to the heap of resumes that employers and recruiters have to sort through.”

How Online Retail is Fighting Big-Box Sprawl

“…compare it to the newspaper industry. They lost subscribers (and advertising dollars as a result), then cut staff and shrank their papers until they offered such a poor product that even more people cancelled their subscriptions.”

Time Wasters

“Time is the only thing that we have that we can’t make more of; we can’t get it back after we’ve lost it. Yet people choose things like new cars or career changes that guarantee less free time. Why is this?”