Marketing your business using useful information and articles is one of the most effective ways of building and maintaining your customer base.  So many outdoor retailers and recreational businesses focus their marketing on sales and other promotions only.   Many times, a customer won’t bother with “SALE!!!!” emails at all.

Here’s a story that demonstrates how content marketing can be effective for your business.  Say you’re the owner of a ski and snowboard shop.  Bob bought a new snowboard setup a couple seasons ago.  He likes it and has no interest in upgrading right now.  He isn’t going to open your emails advertising any sales on snowboards.

However, Bob’s snowboard is going to need some care and maintenance.  If Bob notices that his board seems a little slower and less responsive, then he might notice your company’s email that explains how to tune up a snowboard.  He’ll read the article with interest and might even visit your shop for supplies now that he has a better idea of what he needs.  Maybe he’ll remember that he hasn’t done any maintenance on it at all, and he’ll decide to drop it off at your shop for a tune up.

Effective content marketing informs your customers, building trust and credibility which leads to future sales.  By demonstrating your knowledge of the products you sell, you show customers that you’re interested in more than making a quick buck from them.


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