Pre-Interview research reports for HR personnel

A hiring decision can be one of the most important decisions you can make for your company. Choose the right employee, and you can be rewarded with years of cooperation, innovation, and good performance. Choose poorly, and you can be stuck with a person who drags down the company morale and can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.

Why then, do human resources managers rely on staffing agencies and/or quick interviews based on a resume alone to make this decision? How can the process be improved, quickly and inexpensively?

I can help you save time and make your hiring decision with more confidence. I won’t do background checks, and I won’t go digging up dirt on the candidate (unless it’s really obvious). What I will do is provide you with background information and detail, allowing you to prepare more relevant questions for the interview. I’ll also suggest some possible questions for you.

Send me a candidate’s resume and I’ll:

-Research their work history, providing a summary of the companies and what they do. How big are the companies they worked for? Who did the companies serve? Are they known as good companies to work for? With this information, you can dig a little deeper during the interview, trying to find out the real reasons why they left their previous company.

-Research their social media presence. What hobbies do they like? What isn’t on the resume that you can talk about during the interview? How someone spends their free time is an important indicator of their motivation, passion, and interests.  A person’s hobby may give them a set of skills that didn’t show up in their job experience.

-Research their job titles. What does a typical person with that job title do? How can someone with that skill set fit into the role? What specific and targeted questions can you ask the interviewee about his role in that job?

This research can be incredibly valuable during an interview. It will prepare you with plenty of conversation starters, allowing both of you to relax and have the most productive interview possible.

For example, here’s what my research report can do for you:

Without research: “Tell me a little about yourself”

With research: “Tell me how your previous role in a small business can help you in our larger, established company that has been leading the market since the 1960’s.”

Without Research: “Do you have any hobbies?”

With Research: I see you like sailing, and -based on your facebook photos- you like to do your own sailboat maintenance. Do you do that to save money, or because you enjoy the work, or both? What qualities about sailing and boat maintenance do you enjoy the most?  Do you think you learned anything that will help you in your career?

Want to give my service a try? I’ll provide your first Pre-Interview Report free of charge.

I’m sure it’ll provide you the tools for a better, more informative interview for both the candidate and the interviewer.

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