Job description- Environmental Protection Assistant

[This is the mess of a job description that the federal government gives contractors:

Environmental Protection Assistant. In comparison with specialists, environmental protection assistants perform support work in the environmental protection and improvement field. The work involves extensive practical knowledge gained through experience and/or specific training. Assistants carry out tasks, procedures, and/or computations that can be performed by (I) application and adaptation of standardized techniques and methods and (2) use of practical judgment with only an elementary grasp of the basic principles of environmental protection work. Environmental protection assistants perform duties such as:

  • reviewing files and records and summarizing relevant factual information in connection with compliance reviews;
  • providing information to the regulated community on procedural requirements and formats for filing permits, grant applications, compliance-related forms, etc;
  • Collecting, tracking, computing, and summarizing statistical data in chart and narrative form.]


This is how I rewrote it to be relevant to the actual job:


Job Title: Environmental Protection Assistant


The Environmental Protection Assistant assists the supervising Specialist in meeting the permitting requirements and keeping equipment functional and compliant within the facility.  They have some working knowledge of specific federal, state, and local laws relating to environmental protection and waste management.

The Environmental Protection Assistant may collect samples like emissions from vents or smokestacks.  They may collect and prepare water samples from storm water, processed water, and industrial waste water.  They may determine presence, chemical composition, and general characteristics of land pollutants by collecting and analyzing soil, silt, and mud.  They help the supervising Specialist maintain records and data to ensure permit compliance.  They assist in preparing summaries and reports by gathering and testing samples and paperwork associated with sample collection.

The Environmental Protection Assistant conducts routine maintenance and operation of waste treatment systems, mechanical equipment and other test instrumentation. They may operate, maintain, and troubleshoot new or existing pollution control equipment.  They help maintain equipment inventories and perform inspection of equipment and supplies.

The Environmental Protection Assistant needs good communications skills to interact with both internal operations managers and external compliance inspectors and testing companies.  They maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.  They help to maintain the stability and reputation of the organization by maintaining compliance with legal and waste management requirements.