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5 tips for a successful first backpacking trip

You finished reading “A Walk in the Woods,” and you’ve decided to see if backpacking is for you. Follow these 5 guidelines to ensure that your first trip is a success: 1. Pick the right hike: Many people think of multi-day hiking and immediately picture some backpacker slogging up a mountain on the Appalachian Trail. However, do yourself a favor and stay in the lowlands for your first trip. There are many nice hikes along rivers or out to remote ponds that don’t require much climbing- so getting used to having all your stuff strapped to your back won’t be so bad. The weather is usually friendlier at lower elevations, too- and- if you do hike to that remote pond, you can pack a fishing rod to give yourself something to do before you hike back home. 2. Pick a good weather day: If you’re just starting out, chances are[read more]

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