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This guy doesn’t want his tent to leak–but he’ll go swimming right before bedtime and soak the tent from the inside…

It’s a different game as an outdoor retailer.

People who venture out backpacking look at their gear differently than other people.  They develop a sort of relationship to certain possessions.  To a seasoned backpacker, something as simple as a plate may have an unusual amount of value and emotional attachment.  The weight of the plate, the other uses of it, the memories associated with it…Maybe the plate teamed up with a stick to scare off a bear, maybe it was used as an emergency canoe paddle, maybe it dug a hole.

It would be hard for an outdoor retailer or marketer to think of all the reasons why someone might be hesitant to purchase the latest new gear.

“You want me to replace my favorite sleeping bag with what?”

“But my old fly fishing reel has caught so many fish…why would I want this one?”

“But, this plate is a good 1.5 ounces heavier than my plate–I’ll never carry that!”

Adventurers and outdoor hobbyists need reliable gear they can trust.  Buyers of outdoor gear need to have a high level of confidence in their stuff.  For example, if your home coffee pot breaks, you can get in the car and buy a new one, or you can order one online and buy coffee at the doughnut shop for a couple days while you wait for the new one to be delivered.

If your tent leaks while you’re on an early spring overnight hike, you could be in serious danger of hypothermia.  If your water purifier breaks, then you might risk getting sick from contaminated water.

If your fly reel breaks while you’re on a river trip 3 days from anywhere, well…hopefully you brought a good book, or don’t mind the challenge of fly fishing without a reel.

This is why content marketing is so important to outdoor industry and outdoor retailers.  A certain level of trust and connection to a company needs to be built–one that speaks of the relationship between the employees and the outdoor adventurer.  A fly angler wants to buy a reel from fly fishermen–backpackers feel more comfortable knowing that a seller has slept in their own company’s sleeping bags.  In a world of excess information, buyers can research all winter if they’d like, and sellers need to build their trust to win them over.


If you’re in the outdoor industry selling gear, boats, hiking, trips, pet gear, or anything else that gets people outside, I can help by providing content that interests new customers and keeps old ones connected and coming back.

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