Bristol 26- Replacing the chainplate knees on the galley side

This summer, I tackled the chainplate knees on the opposite side of our Bristol 26. There were two knees on this side–one for the upper shroud, and one for the aft lower shroud. The forward knee is in the locker across from the head. It looks like it’s in much better shape, so I can […]

Filling deck holes on the Bristol 26

This spring, I removed relocated, and resealed a lot of the deck hardware using butyl rubber. While I had the hardware off, I also took the opportunity to seal up the balsa core around each hole. I was surprised that most of the holes in the deck weren’t sealed with epoxy–even the ones that were drilled at the factory. Luckily, I didn’t find too many spots where the core was damp.

What “We Need You to Go Get Help” Really Means: Lessons Learned from a Wilderness Experience.

“The whole thing felt surreal, almost dreamlike—only the fatigue in my arms and shoulders reminded me that it wasn’t a dream. Once we reached the point at the end of the island, we aimed back into the waves and made for the opposite shore, upwind of where the boat launch should be. Once we could see the shore, we spun the canoe so the wind was behind us, and blew down the lake until we spotted the stone wall near the launch. My friend pulled the canoe ashore while I ran to the parking area to get my car. I felt relieved, thinking that the hard part was over—we just had to make a call.”

How to tell if you’re a mindless partisan

“Would a person who identifies themselves as “progressive” be more likely or less likely to agree with someone, if that someone was the host of a Fox News show? Most likely, they’d have their mind made up already when they turned on the channel.”