How to tell if you’re a mindless partisan

“Would a person who identifies themselves as “progressive” be more likely or less likely to agree with someone, if that someone was the host of a Fox News show? Most likely, they’d have their mind made up already when they turned on the channel.”

Finding a niche for a small state

“…With modern technology, businesses and their employees can be connected from anywhere, so it’s easy to pick a new home for your company based on cheaper taxes, lower wages, or whatever else a company is looking for…”

What is the cost of a bad hiring decision?

Cost of bad hiring

43% of respondents from the National Business Research Institute study said that “the need to fill the positions quickly” was the main reason that bad hires are made.

Does increasing the minimum wage work in the long term?

economy, minimum wage

So, if you bring lower wage jobs into the same wage range as other middle-class jobs, does that mean that the two groups are now in competition with each other?  Does this mean that qualifications and standards for employment in those once low-paying jobs will go up too?”